Basemental drugs


This is a well-known pairing of actions featuring drugs, alcohol, and gangs in the game sims 4. While "Basemental Drugs" only requires the base game to work, the "Basemental Gangs" requires both the former mod and Get To Work to function. In the mod, the most well-known feature is the fact that sims can experiment on a large range of drugs, and also the sims can make new recipes even get drunk and alcoholic. The list of drugs includes cannabis (weed), tobacco, cocaine, amphetamine, shrooms, MDMA, ayahuasca, Xanax, lean, Adderall, LSD, and steroids. And also all the drugs are not available in the store just to purchase yet to be purchased in different and realistic ways. Only a few drugs are available to be purchased in the store such as cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA, and tobacco.

These drugs can be addictive and the addicted sims can form the addiction moodlet also repeated usage of drugs can lead to the death of the sim due to overdose. If WickedWhims is installed the sims can pay dealers for drugs with sex. A sim or household that frequently sells drugs may be subject to police busts or swat raids, in which they will be taken to jail and have their inventory items confiscated.

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Alcohol is also another feature of the basement mod and is added alongside the other drugs. Just like in drugs the sums who drink a lot of alcohol can be the drunk and prolonged use of alcohol can give the sim the alcoholic moodlet. The sims even can text while drunk and the teens can get a fake ID from a dealer which will allow them to bypass the bouncer.


The sims who have maxed in drug dealing can build a gang and can start one of the four gangs and later on another sim cannot build the same gang in the same world. The sims have to use their phones to manage the gang and if needed to hire new members. The gang members can complete missions and have their progress tracked while the leader is to develop leadership skills. When a new skill has been unlocked another level of skills is granted. The leader can discipline the gang members by yelling at them or beating them. And also all the four gangs have rivals. The only problem known to this mod is sometimes when the mod wi cause every door to disappear making it impossible for the sims to enter the house or even travel between rooms.

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